Stainless Steel Cake Turntable and Revolving Cake Decorating Stand


  • Dhs. 95.00
Tax included.

  • Size : 30cm surface diameter.
  • Aluminum alloy material : The cake turntable is made of aluminum alloy and is durable. It has a metal bearing that rotates smoothly.
  • Surface Design : There are three circular scales on the surface of the cake turntable, which can meet the different size requirements of your work.
  • Slip-proof bottom surface : The bottom of the cake turntable is made of silicone material, which enhances adhesion, easy to disassemble and easy to clean.
  • Instructions : The cake turntable can be washed directly with water; if it is washed with warm water of 40°C~50°C, the effect is better. Use a soft sponge to clean or wipe directly with a soft cloth. Do not use sharp, rough objects. Clean the tool to avoid damaging the surface and affecting the appearance.

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