Manual Corn Grinder, Flour Maker


  • Dhs. 80.00
Tax included.

  • Material: cast iron, tin plated on the surface, two grinding pieces are wear-resistant high-strength steel materials, strong wear-resistance and high work efficiency.
  • Features: It adopts "clip-on" design, simple installation, simple and convenient manual operation, adjustable thickness, easy to carry, and a variety of functions. It can be clipped on a table that is no more than 4cm thick.
  • Note: The grinding effect of this machine can not reach the powder state (only the fine particles and powder mixed state)
  • Suitable for families, restaurants and professional processing households can process corn flour, allspice and various dry powders (such as wheat, beans, coffee beans, cocoa beans, chili noodles, etc.), the gap can be adjusted, and the food is evenly ground and thick. Consistent

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