ARTC Multicolor Manual Hand Press Lemon and Orange Juicer 2 in 1


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Want to get every last drop of juice from your oranges and lemons? Don’t fancy investing in a bulky electric gizmo, or a piece of alien sculpture? ARTC has created this sturdy little juicer to do one job: sit in your kitchen and juice fruit. No gimmicks, no fuss! It might be made of plastic, but this citrus juicer is surprisingly strong. Especially the reamer – it’s a real brute, with hardy ridges that smash through lemons, limes, and oranges until there’s no juice left. The delicious stuff drips down into the bowl below, while the strainer collects pulp and pips. So save the unwieldy electric juicer for when you want to down a whole glass of vitamin C. This compact plastic model is quick and simple, so it’s ideal for baking and cooking. Use it to flavor cakes, add a splash of lime to a Thai curry, or drizzle some lemon juice on your pancakes! Easy and painless use of this manual juicer allows you to get the juice in a few seconds. This device is very easy to use. How to use: Simply place half of the fruit in a juicer bowl Squeeze the lever and quickly squeeze fresh lemon or citrus juice without the bitterness of the lemon peel entering the lemon juice. By squeezing citrus you can get the last drop of fruit juice from your citrus fruit and no seeds and pulp in your drink. Highlights: Molded from high-grade material to avoid chipping even through prolonged usage. Exudes exquisite craftsmanship that manifests an accentuating show. Fade-proof construction resists catching stains facilitating easy cleaning.

  • Compared to a bulky juicer, this manual juicer is small and saves a lot of space.
  • Designed specially for squeezing fruits such as Orange, Lemon, etc...
  • The manual juicer has a user-friendly handle design a comfortable grip, and handle structure can help save energy during extrusion.
  • Easy-grip handle ensures a firm grip and convenient usage.
  • Multicolor.
Material Plastic
Product Weight 0.35 KG
What's In The Box a quantity of one piece ARTC manual multicolor hand press lemon and orange juicer 2 in 1
Item Pack Quantity Pack of 1
Product Length 26.0 cm
Product Height 14.0 cm
Product Width/Depth 15.0 cm
Capacity 350.0 ml
Model Number ARTC-F6
Model Name Lemon and Orange Juicer

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