ARTC Electric Knife Sharpener With USB Cable


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This product is a household electric knife sharpener, which can easily sharpen the knife in 1 to 2 minutes, which solves the trouble of traditional knife grinding which is time-consuming, laborious and dangerous. The shell of this product is an environmental protection material after strengthening treatment, with good luster and high hardness. The grindstone is calcined at 800 C for long service life. It can be used at home for more than 3 years. The grindstone can be replaces. Two kinds of power drive, AC and DC can be used conveniently, and the power line is randomly distributed.

  • The first cold grinding technology for cutting tools.
  • Optimum relief grinding angle technology.
  • Human body streamline engineering technology.
  • Special grinding technology for various props.
  • Simple and easy to operate touch technology.
  • Suitable for all kinds of household knives and scissors.
Material Plastic
Installation Freestanding
Product Weight 0.3 KG
What's In The Box a piece of ARTC electric knife sharpener with USB cable
Energy Used Electric
Product Length 24.5 cm
Product Height 9.5 cm
Product Width/Depth 7.0 cm
Wattage 10.0 W
Model Number ARTC-103
Model Name electric knife sharpener 103

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