ARTC 8-Inch Aluminum Tortilla Press


  • Dhs. 55.00
Tax included.

  • TRADITIONAL OLD-WORLD STYLE: Chef's Secret 8-inch Aluminum Tortilla Press is an authentic Spanish food prep device that helps you create sumptuously delicious Mexican cuisine while giving your modern kitchen a charming heartwarming feel.
  • DEPENDABLE HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Forged out of powerful Aluminum for a lifetime of enduring use, our durable 2 pounds. tortilla press features a flat round 8 inch top-plate that levers firmly closed by a reassuringly solid and easy-gripping handle.
  • FAST-EASY CLEANING AND RUST-PROOF RESILIENCY: Properly cared for by evaporating excess water away on a stovetop to prevent rusting after washing with mild soap, this charming tortilla press offers years of reliable use and rewarding culinary enjoyment.
  • HEARTFELT HOME-COOKED MEALS: Create your own flavorful masa recipe that'll make friends and family salivate at the very site of your mouthwateringly delicious home-made tortillas that everyone can help prepare then share together.
  • MODERNLY DECORATIVE KITCHEN TOOLS: Chef's Secret creates modern kitchen tools that are practical yet so remarkably beautiful that you'll want to own every single one of them.

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